Corrective Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery

Corrective Jaw (Orthognathic) Surgery

What is Orthognathic surgery?

This surgery is used to align the jaws, and is used for management of a number of conditions including undergrowth, overgrowth, asymmetry and disproportion of the face and jaws, and obstructive sleep apnoea.


Generally orthognathic surgery is conducted alongside orthodontic treatment (braces) and sometimes prosthodontic treatment (implant, crown & bridge work) for issues such as providing facial balance, improving the appearance and correcting the bite.

Surgery is performed through the mouth, under general anaesthesia. Osteotomies or precision bone cuts allow for the jaw to be repositioned that are held in position with bone plates and screws.

The latest technology in 3D virtual computer CT planning is available to facilitate orthognathic surgery.  Customised prefabricated surgical models, guides and plates are used when appropriate.