Dento-alveolar Surgery

Dento-alveolar Surgery

What Is Dento-Alveolar Surgery?

This surgery involves the alveolus – the section of the jaws which contains or has contained teeth.

Impacted Teeth Exposure

When teeth are impacted in the jaws, they are unable to erupt into their correct position.  If the tooth is important for aesthetics or function, surgery may be able to be performed to uncover these teeth.  This is done in conjunction with your orthodontist, who will bring the tooth into position to align your bite.  Exposures can be performed as open or closed procedures, which depends on a number of factors.

Open Exposure

This is when the tooth is exposed and an opening is made in the bone and soft tissue to show the tooth directly into the mouth.  A dressing pack may be placed or a gold chain bonded/glued at the time of surgery, or this chain may be placed later by your orthodontist to bring the tooth into the correct location.

Closed Exposure

This is when the tooth is exposed in surgery and a gold chain is bonded/glued to the surface of the tooth. The gum is reclosed over and the gold chain is left emerging into the mouth.  This allows a point of access for your orthodontist to bring the tooth into the correct position.

Teeth Removal

Teeth may require removal for a number of reasons including pain, infection, decay, cracked teeth and gum disease.  They may be straightforward extractions or need surgical removal.  The latter may require a gum flap to be raised, the tooth sectioned and then removed.

Preprosthetic Surgery

When it comes to dentures, it may be necessary to alter the shape or size of the jaw or soft tissues in order to construct a denture that is comfortable. Sometimes excess gum may need to be removed or bony projections may need recontouring before a new denture can be fitted.

Apical Surgery

Sometimes teeth that have already undergone root canal treatment can become infected. Sometimes surgery may be needed to treat the residual infection around the teeth’s apices of the roots.